The Kinsmen Sports Centre is currently undergoing rehabilitation to upgrade the major mechanical and electrical systems.

Project Overview

The Kinsmen Sports Centre has been operating since 1968 and has been identified as a priority for rehabilitation work to fix or replace and upgrade major mechanical and electrical systems, some being over 50 years old. 

Most of the work will be “back of house” including upgrades to the pool basins to meet current safety standards, upgrades to mechanical and electrical systems, and bringing items up to code in the facility. 

Some of the more visible work being completed includes replacement of the fieldhouse flooring, replacing the shower, toilet and faucet fixtures, upgrading some of the lighting to LED, and resurfacing of the main parking lot.

What changes you can expect?

  • Improved pool safety that meets new legislation set out by Alberta Health Services

  • New pipes, toilet and shower fixtures in the changerooms 

  • Updated lighting to LED

  • Updated electrical and mechanical systems

  • Upgrades to the pool basins and new headwalls to meet current safety standards

  • Parking lot renewal

  • Resurfacing of the main floor in the fieldhouse