Beaver Hills House Park

Renewal project for Beaver Hills House Park and Michael Phair Park.

Project Update - June 2022

Engagement has started with local businesses and key stakeholders in the project area. Public engagement on the renewal of the parks is coming in summer 2022.

About the Project

The City of Edmonton is renewing Beaver Hills House Park and Michael Phair Park to improve the function and safety of the parks. Improvements will make the area more appealing as a place to visit, work, and live, to attract new investment to the area and build upon 104 Street’s success.

An improved cohesive design of the parks and the creation of more physical and visual openings into the parks from the nearby properties will enhance the open space requirements for residents and users of the downtown.

The project will make improvements in lighting, sightlines and other park features as well as upgrade and fix park infrastructure. A public washroom will also be added.

The City of Edmonton is currently in the concept phase for the renovation of the parks. The design will be completed as per The City Plan, Capital City Downtown Plan , the Urban Design Framework , the Downtown Public Places Plan and in accordance with Breathe: Edmonton’s Green Network Strategy, which supports a multifunctional green network.

While there will be technical constraints that will limit options for some park elements, through a series of engagement opportunities the City will be gathering input from stakeholders and the public to advise on improvements to the design.