Photo of Allan Stein Park

Renewal options for portions of lower Allen Stein Park Trail that were damaged by erosion.

Current Engagement Events

The City of Edmonton received input in February 2022 on two possible concept options for the lower granular trail.

What We Heard Report

Project Overview

Allan Stein Park is in need of renewal due to portions of its lower trail having been damaged by erosion, posing a safety hazard for trail users. The City of Edmonton has determined the need to enhance the quality, performance and safety of the trail network in this area. The park is located at 10025 87 Street in the Riverdale community.

Proposed improvements include:

  • Renewal of approximately 260m of the upper asphalt trail to current shared-use path design and construction standards
  • Closure and naturalization of either a portion or all of the lower granular trail that has eroded
  • Trail connections to the existing upper asphalt trail
  • Wayfinding and regulatory signage replacement
  • Memorial plaque replacement
  • Providing benches

The project will include the possible rerouting of a portion of the lower granular trail paralleling the upper asphalt trail along the riverbank. The lower trail portion has been damaged by erosion and is posing a safety hazard for trail users.