Photo of Allan Stein Park

Renewal options for portions of lower Allen Stein Park Trail that were damaged by erosion.

Project Update - May 2023

Construction is anticipated to start in June 2023 and is expected to take about three months. Both the main paved and gravel trails will be closed temporarily during construction to ensure safety of the public and contractor. The work area will be fenced off during construction with the trail users detoured around the park via the adjacent public sidewalk. 

Project Overview

Allan Stein Park is in need of renewal due to portions of its lower trail having been damaged by erosion, posing a safety hazard for trail users. The City of Edmonton has determined the need to enhance the quality, performance and safety of the trail network in this area. The park is located at 10025 87 Street in the Riverdale community.

Public engagement in 2022 showed the majority of respondents supported renewing the upper paved trail and detouring the lower gravel trail. The existing asphalt pavement on the upper trail will be removed and renewed with new asphalt, benches and signage installed. A segment of the lower trail that has fallen into the river will be closed and a new permanent detour will be built around it. 

Because of existing gaps in the trees, no tree removals will be necessary to complete the detour.