The City of Edmonton wants to make sure everyone travelling around the Edmonton region in a vehicle for hire is travelling safely.

Vehicle for Hire Service Restrictions

Effective July 1, 2021 the City's temporary mask bylaw is deactivated, but masks remain mandatory in vehicles for hire per Provincial mandate.  For more information, please visit

Requesting a Trip

Travelling around the Edmonton region in a vehicle for hire starts with a trip request.

There are two ways to request a trip: by hailing a vehicle from the street or requesting a vehicle in advance. 

Hailing From the Street

In the City of Edmonton, only taxis and accessible taxis can be hailed or flagged from the street. Trips for these services may also be requested in advance, using a variety of different methods including a web reservation, a phone reservation, or mobile app.

Requesting a Vehicle in Advance

Requesting trips using limousines, private transportation providers, shuttles, or transportation network vehicles must be made in advance via phone, website, mobile app, or other methods, before the vehicle arrives to pick you up. These vehicles can not accept a flag or hail from the street.