Sign advises boaters to clean, drain and dry all boats and kayaks

Learn about aquatic invasive species and do your part to stop the spread.

Aquatic invasive species are organisms that have been introduced from somewhere outside of Alberta and become invasive because of the lack of natural predators or pathogens to keep them in check. Aquatic invasive species can pose significant negative impacts to human health or the economy. They can also cause harm to the environment such as displacing native species, reducing biodiversity and overall health of an area. We rely on Edmontonians to monitor and report any aquatic invasive species.

Some of the species we are on the lookout for

A full list of species can be found in the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Pocket Guide. If you suspect any of these species please call the AIS hotline at 1-855-336-BOAT (2628).

Don’t Let It Loose

Don't Let It Loose Campaign from Alberta EnvironmentPets and plants from aquariums and water gardens are significant sources of aquatic invasive species to Alberta. One of the most common examples is goldfish, which can tolerate large fluctuations in water temperature and low levels of oxygen, meaning they can survive the winters in Alberta and have been found to thrive as far north as Fort McMurray. Please remember that releasing any organism into a public waterbody is illegal.

  • Don’t let it loose! Give your unwanted aquarium pets or plants to a friend, take them back to the pet store, or donate them to a school where kids can enjoy them. Never dump fish or plants into rivers, streams, ponds or storm sewers.
  • Don’t flush your dead fish down a drain. It may carry pathogens that can harm native fish. Please provide it with a proper burial in the backyard or dispose of it in the garbage.
  • For more information, please visit the Don’t Let It Loose campaign.