The City of Edmonton has been involved in weed biocontrol over the past several decades.

Certain insects are released against weeds as part of our management strategy. Some of the different weed feeding insects that have been introduced to the Edmonton area are summarized below:

Weed Biocontrol Agent (Insect)


Weed Host Species

Aphthona nigriscutis & A. lacertosa leaf feeding beetles leafy spurge
Eteobalea serratella root feeding caterpillar yellow toadflax
Galerucella calmariensis & G. pusilla leaf feeding beetles purple loosestrife
Hyles euphorbia leaf feeding caterpillar leafy spurge
Larinus planus seed feeding weevil Canada thistle
Lema cyanella leaf feeding beetle Canada thistle
Mecinus janthinus stem boring weevil yellow toadflax
Microplontus edentulus stem boring weevil scentless chamomile
Minoa murinata leaf feeding caterpillar leafy spurge
Omphalapion hookeri seed feeding weevil scentless chamomile
Rhopalomyia sp. gall midge scentless chamomile
Urophora cardui stem gall fly Canada thistle


Leaf feeding beetle adult and eggs (Galerucella sp.) on purple loosestrife

Leaf feeding beetle larva (Galerucella sp.) on purple loosestrife