Records and Information Management for Elected Officials

Recreation User Fee

Rehabilitation of Historic Sites (Designation and Rehabilitation of Municipal Historic Resources in Edmonton)

Remediation and Redevelopment Support (Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment Support)

Renewable Energy Policy (Blatchford District Energy Utility Fiscal Policy)

Reporting of Assessment Adjustments Processed Between Property Tax Bylaw and Billing Periods

Representation (Legal Representation and Indemnification of City Employees, Agents and Members of Council)

Residential Infill in Mature Neighbourhoods

Residential Infill Guidelines

Residential Neighbourhood Street Lighting Renewal Policy

Reserve and Equity Accounts
Reference:Reserve Register November 6, 2023

Retroactive Municipal Tax Relief

Revenue Generation Fiscal Policy

Revitalization Zone for Business (Business Improvement Area Establishment and Operation)

Revolving Industrial Servicing Fund

River Access Guiding Principles

Risk Management (Enterprise Risk Management)

Roadway Cleaning

Roadway Improvements (Determination of Assessable Roadway-Related Local Improvements)


Safety Measures Around Schools (Guidelines for the Implementation of Safety Measures Around Schools)

School Sites to School Board (Creation and Transfer of School Sites to School Boards)

Services (Process for Developed Properties that are Currently Unserviced to Connect to City Services)

Siting Telecommunications Facilities

​Snow and Ice Control
Procedure: Snow and Ice Control​

Social Services (Family and Community Support Services Program)

Speed Reduction

Storefront Improvement Program
Procedure:  Storefront Improvement Program

Statuary Policy

Street Cleaning (Roadway Cleaning)

Street Cleaning - C. B. D. and Selected Strip Commercial Areas

Streets (Complete Streets)

Supporting Vulnerable People During Extreme Weather Conditions

Surplus School Sites (Policy to Govern the Use of Funds from the Sale of Surplus School Sites)

​ Sustainable Procurement ​