Facility Name Sale

Family and Community Support Services Program

Financial Stabilization Reserve

Financing of Local Improvements

Fee (Recreation User Fee) 

Fire Rescue Service Delivery — Fire Rescue Master Plan

Fiscal Policy for Debt Management (Debt Management Fiscal Policy)

Fiscal Policy for the Planning and Development Business

Fiscal Policy For Revenue Generation

Fiscal Policy for Waste Management (Waste Management Utility Fiscal Policy)

Fleet Replacement Reserve

Funds from School Sites (Use of Funds from the Sale of Surplus School Sites)



Goods Movement

Grants for Community Facilities (Community Facility Partner Capital Grant Program)

Grants for Community Leagues (Community League Grants Policy)

Grants for Organizations and Individuals (Community Investment Grants to Organizations and Individuals)

Green Building

Guidelines for Development of the 2009 Surplus School Sites

Guidelines for the Implementation of Safety Measures Around Schools 



Historic Resources (Policy to Encourage the Designation and Rehabilitation of Municipal Historic Resources in Edmonton)

Hoarding (Construction Hoarding)

Honoraria and Expenses for City Agencies
Procedure:  Honoraria and Expenses for City Agencies

Human Resources Management for Council Staff



Immigration and Settlement

Immigration Status (Access to Municipal Services Without Fear)

Inclusion (Diversity and Inclusion)

Industrial Infrastructure Cost Sharing

Infill (Residential Infill in Mature Neighborhoods)

Infrastructure Asset Management 

Integrated Pest Management


Investment (Affordable Housing)