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This is a 2-year initiative, ending in 2019. It's dedicated to transforming planning and development services through 6 major projects.

2019 Mid-Year Update: UFBT Process Improvement Projects

Changes to Plumbing and HVAC Inspections

Beginning October 1, 2019, the City is implementing a new process to reduce the number of discretionary inspections. In an effort to create a more efficient inspection process and improve customer experience, some Plumbing Stack, Plumbing Groundworks, HVAC Stack and HVAC Concealed duct inspections will not be required for every project. 

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Rezoning Redesign & Subdivision Process Improvements: Improved Application Requirements

Submission requirements will depend on whether the application is non-complex, complex, or very complex. These categories allow simple applications to be processed more quickly and make the service more predictable for customers.

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Rezoning Redesign and Subdivision Process Improvements: Pre-Application Meetings Now Offered

Customers with complex rezoning and subdivision applications are now strongly encouraged to take advantage of pre-application meetings.

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Website Improvements for Commercial Buildings

The City website has been updated to support customers applying for development and building permits for projects such as developing new commercial buildings and making changes to existing commercial buildings.

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Safety Codes

Research shows builders support the project and are excited to learn more.

The Safety Code Inspection Efficiency (SCIE) team recently conducted research to gain a better understanding of industry and stakeholder perceptions about the City’s role in conducting Safety Codes Inspections and their reactions to the changes to the process, in undertaking a risk-based approach with the SCIE project.

Pre-Application Meetings Encouraged for Complex Applications

Starting in September, customers will be encouraged to request a pre-application meeting for complex applications.

eServices: Information Sessions for Commercial Permits

Register for one of our free information sessions to learn more about the new online services for commercial permit projects. This includes development and building permits for new buildings, additions, alterations, tenant improvements, change of use, demolitions, as well as hoarding and cranes.

Rezoning: Submission Deadlines

Submission deadlines for applications were accepted at noon on Tuesdays to facilitate a formal application process.

Subdivision and Rezoning: Process Improvements

Both the Subdivision Process Improvement and Rezoning Redesign projects were testing some new processes.

eServices: Commercial Permits Now Online

Online services for Commercial Permits are now available at

Home Improvement Permits Online

Residential and construction home improvement permits for decks, accessory buildings such as garages and sheds and basement development were moved online. These applications are processed differently for efficiency and reduce processing time.

Safety Code Inspection Efficiency Project

Safety Code Inspection Efficiency Project

Safety Code Inspection Efficiency project with a focus on the City's efforts to reduce over management of risk in Safety Codes Inspections.

Submit Endorsement Packages Online

Subdivision Process Improvements

Subdivision applications are now easier and more efficient. Starting June 24, 2019, endorsement packages will now be submitted online at rather than by email.

Timelines for Simple Projects and Service Channel for Complex Projects

Building Better Together

Worked on two streams, timelines for simple projects and enhanced service through the Client Liaison Unit...


Urban Planning Committee Report

Presented Urban Form Business Transformation Update Report 3.

Mid-year Update Report


Urban Planning Committee Report

Presented Urban Form Business Transformation Update Report 2.

Footing and Foundation Inspection Changes

Applicants with a good track record will have inspections scheduled 5% of the time instead of 100% of the time. No changes on how a footing and foundation is built or inspection is requested. Builders are responsible for ensuring the footing, foundation, dampproofing and weeping tile meet all applicable codes, guidelines, standards and requirements found in the Alberta Building Code.

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Urban Planning Committee Report

Presented Urban Form Business Transformation Update Report 1.

Expedited Development Permit Program Expansion

Applicants with a good track record can assess their own applications to obtain a development permit...

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Urban Planning Committee Report

Presented Urban Form Business Transformation Report.

Planning and Development Process Improvements

City staff and city-building partners (industry, citizens and service providers) are creating solutions to the challenges experienced today.

Subdivision Process Improvements

November 2018 - November 2019
Evolved subdivision process

Subdivision is taking a large piece of land and dividing it into smaller pieces of land. The subdivision planning process ensures new infrastructure like roads, sewer pipes and gas lines, reach all properties and existing infrastructure can handle the additional volume.

Subdivision Process Improvement - Plan of Action

Rezoning Process Improvements

Rezoning Process Improvements

September 2018 - November 2019
New rezoning process

Rezoning is the process of changing the land use zone from one zone to another. The Rezoning Redesign project is aimed at improving predictability and transparency within this process.

Rezoning Redesign - Plan of Action

Building Better Together Process Improvements

September 2018 - November 2019

  • Improved process navigation for large tax based applicants
  • Clear timelines for development and building permits
  • Improve customer service across the planning and development services for complex and non-standard projects
Customer-Oriented Website Enhancements

September 2018 - November 2019
Update the planning and development website content and navigation for ease of use.

Launched Home Improvement Permits and a new presence for commercial permits (

Safety Code Inspection Efficiencies Process Improvements

Safety Code Inspection Efficiencies Process Improvements

September 2018 - November 2019
Introduce an innovative decision-making tool that predicts the pass probability of non-mandatory inspections.

There are 8 mandatory and 8 discretionary safety codes inspections to ensure that buildings meet safety code standards. The Safety Codes Inspection Efficiencies project is working to identify and reduce low-risk, non-mandatory inspections, allowing inspectors to focus more time on the mandatory ones.

Data scientists from the Analytics Centre of Excellence have designed a risk-based tool to evaluate whether a building inspection would routinely pass the first time around. This data will help us predict which discretionary inspections will have a high probability of passing which will allow us to remove them.

Knowledge Library Process Improvements

Knowledge Library Process Improvements

September 2018 - November 2019
Implement a system to store all information for consistency and ease of use.

The Knowledge Library project will use knowledge management software to house information like procedures, policies, and process maps so that employees have a one-stop shop for information to check when doing their work.

This will help staff and customers feel confident that they are giving and receiving the most up-to-date information.

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