The Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative is a multi-year comprehensive overhaul of our current Zoning Bylaw.

Edmontonians are invited to share their feedback on proposed approaches to zones, uses and residential areas through a series of workbooks and workshops. Visit to participate.

The Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative will develop a strategic, simplified and streamlined Zoning Bylaw to enable people, places and businesses to thrive and prosper.

The Zoning Bylaw sets out the rules for the location and size of buildings constructed on private property, and the activities that will take place on those properties.

The City is conducting a complete review of Edmonton’s Zoning Bylaw, including analyzing current land use zones used in Edmonton. Through this work, the City is also asking how our built form can help us live out the values of ConnectEdmonton and the City Plan in an equitable way. Read more about the Zoning Bylaw and equity