Edmonton's New Zoning Bylaw

Edmonton’s new Zoning Bylaw (Charter Bylaw 20001) and city-wide rezoning (Charter Bylaw 21001) were approved by City Council at the Statutory Public Hearing on October 23, 2023. View the Public Hearing recording, access the agenda, and see comments submitted as part of the public record.

The ​new Bylaw​ and Zoning Map came into effect on January 1, 2024.

Renewing Edmonton’s Zoning Bylaw is an opportunity to align city-building tools to ensure all Edmontonians and property owners have the necessary tools to build and experience the city envisioned in The City Plan.

Part of implementing Zoning Bylaw 20001 includes collecting feedback on how it’s working. The Zoning Bylaw 20001 Feedback Form allows Edmontonians to identify minor errors, potential unintended consequences, and potential opportunities for improvement.

The City may use this feedback and other analysis to monitor the outcomes of Zoning Bylaw 20001 and to inform potential future changes to the Bylaw.

Learn what the zoning changes mean for your property, Edmonton’s neighbourhoods and businesses and the environment. Visit the Zoning Bylaw Renewal Library.

Why Zoning Matters

Zoning is everywhere—from parks and playgrounds to garden suites and the downtown core. Zoning determines what can be built where. It sets the rules for where new buildings should go, what types of buildings they can be and what types of businesses and activities can happen on a property.