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Commercial Demolition Permit

Demolition is the complete removal of an entire structure.

Commercial demolition includes the removal of:

  • Non-residential buildings (commercial, industrial, institutional, and similar structures)
  • Large-scale residential buildings (apartments, row houses with five or more units)
  • Mixed-use buildings (a mix of residential and non-residential) 

Review the Commercial Demolition Building Permit Application Guide before applying for a Commercial Demolition Permit.

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For the demolition of houses, detached garages and other residential structures see Residential Demolition.

For partial building demolitions, see Changes to Existing Buildings.

Crane Building Permit

Hoisting apparatus capable of projecting over the City right-of-way.

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Hoarding Building Permit

Temporary occupation of City right-of-way for construction and protection of the public.

Review the Hoarding Building Permit Application Guide before applying for a Hoarding Building Permit.

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On-Street Construction & Maintenance (OSCAM)

On-Street Construction and Maintenance (OSCAM) permits are required for most work on City road-right-of-ways, including roads, sidewalks and boulevards. Use the OSCAM Permit Decision Matrix to determine whether your project needs a permit.

Average processing time for an OSCAM permit application is 6 business days. Unless it’s an emergency, allow time for processing and public notification, especially for major impacts.

We are experiencing a high volume of inquiries and are taking longer than usual to process permits. We appreciate your patience and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

OSCAM Permit Application

All work within road rights-of-way must be completed within City of Edmonton Design and Construction standards. City lands must be restored to the same state and condition in which it existed prior to work commencement. The Guidelines for Excavation and Core Restoration (Section 2965) summarize the Design and Construction Standard key points. The construction standard has exact details for your work area.

Road Right-of-Way Portable Signs

To place a portable sign on road rights-of-way, applicants must first enter into an Agreement with the City.

Portable Signs Application and Maps

Showhome Wayfinding

The City has developed a set of guidelines for the installation of showhome wayfinding signage within public road rights-of-way. These guidelines align with City Council’s direction to reduce sign clutter on public lands.

Showhome Wayfinding
Utility Line Assignment

External agencies and private utilities can apply for a ULA Permit to monitor or use well installations within the public road rights-of-way. All utility installations require a ULA Permit for City approval. For more information, visit Utility Line Assignment Permits.

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Attach a digital copy of your tentative plan or indicate that hard copies will be sent. Acceptable file types are .doc, .pdf and .jpg. Confirmation of your application will be sent to the email indicated in the application.

2023 Utility Line Assignment Permitting and Inspection Fees

Waste Bin Parking Form

The City has developed a form to request a permit for the placement of a waste bin, POD, or Sea-Can on the City road right of way.

Waste Bin Parking Form