The acceptable as-built tolerances from the approved grades are (provided minimum slopes are achieved):

  • Between 0 cm and 10 cm below final grade for topsoil (black dirt). "0" is at approved design grade.
    Example: Design Grade is 682.25 m and Existing Grade is 682.20 m; that is 5 cm below design grade.
  • Between 10 cm below and 10 cm above final grade for finish landscaping (sod or concrete).
    Example: Design Grade is 682.25 m and Existing Grade is 682.30 m, that is 5 cm above design grade.

    Note: The surface elevation below decorative rock, washed rock, or wood chips must be within the tolerance.

The lot grading inspector has discretion to accept elevations that are not within tolerances when the following conditions occur:

  • The property is graded to match an existing fence, walkway, lake, park, curb, sidewalk, road, or lane and there is no impact on the surface drainage.
  • The property is graded to match an abutting property and it appears to the Lot Grading Inspector that there is positive (draining away from the foundation walls) on-site surface drainage.
  • A proposal is submitted to revise the design elevations on the approved Lot Grading Plan (Surface Drainage Plan) to existing elevations, providing that there is no negative impact on surface drainage and any affected property owners agree to the red-line revision.

Note: In cases where existing conditions make it difficult to achieve design tolerances, such conditions must be brought to the attention of the parties affected and the Lot Grading Inspector. Where changes have been accepted, those changes must be noted on the Lot Grading Inspection Report and stamped on the Lot Grading Certificate (As-Built Plan).