The Lot Grading Certificate (As-Built plan) displays the following information:

  • Certification by a Professional acceptable to the City Manager (such as, an Alberta Land Surveyor or a Professional Engineer). NOTE: Any grading information relative to a legal boundary must be acquired and certified under the supervision and authority of an Alberta Land Surveyor
  • Scale drawing of the property in metric units
  • All surface elevations and surface grades (conditions) shown on the approved lot grading plan
  • As-built surface elevations, measured from geodetic datum, at the same locations as the approved design elevations and any break points
  • As-built surface elevations adjacent to the foundation walls and/or top of concrete slab-on-grade for each proposed building
  • As-built provisions for accommodating overland flows from adjacent lands
  • Private storm drainage system demonstrating compliance with the Drainage Bylaw 18093 and EPCOR Drainage Services and Wastewater Treatment Bylaw 19627 
  • Project name, applicant information, development boundary, revision box, legend, notes, and north arrow
  • Property address, legal description, subdivision and/or neighbourhood, and road names

The lot grading inspector could ask for a new or revised lot grading certificate when any of the following occurs:

  • There are errors or incomplete information on the lot grading certificate such as: property information, lot shape, client information, design and existing elevations, unsigned or unstamped drawings, building layout, north directional arrow, structures on the lot, existing surface condition, existing elevations on abutting properties, scale drawing information and/or reference to metric geodetic datum
  • Verification of existing elevations if existing elevations on the Lot Grading Certificate are not within tolerances
  • Discrepancies or errors in design and/or existing elevations that require confirmation
  • Red-line revisions to Lot Grading Plan that are not reflected on the Lot Grading Certificate
  • Incomplete information for any easement agreement, utility right-of-way, and areas covered by a caveat or restrictive covenant
  • Poor or unclear Lot Grading Certificate

The Lot Grading Certificate (As-built plan) sample drawing provides requirement examples for a multi-family site (for reference only).

Note: As-built information must be displayed on the approved lot grading plan.