The application for grade approval at Final Grade is initiated by submission of a Lot Grading Certificate by the owner, developer, or contractor within 18 months of the building permit being issued for the premises.  

The following steps are required to obtain Final Grade Approval:

  1. A certified plan of as-built grades (Lot Grading Certificate) on sod or topsoil is prepared by a professional acceptable to the City Manager (for example, an Alberta Land Surveyor). As-built information must be displayed on the approved Lot Grading Plan.
  2. The applicant sends the certified as-built plan to Development Services, Lot Grading for approval. The applicant must provide information for their preferred method of contact (fax, email, or mail) to receive a Lot Grading Inspection Report. Digital submissions are acceptable.
  3. A lot grading inspector will conduct a site inspection to verify that the lot is graded in accordance with the approved Lot Grading Plan and the Lot Grading Guidelines. This is usually done within 10 business days from processing of the certificate, depending on workload and weather conditions. 
  4. The applicant will receive an Inspection Report indicating that the site grading has Passed (approved) or Failed (deficiencies exist).
  5. The applicant, developer, contractor, builder, or owner must correct any deficiencies within 60 days (unless otherwise noted) and call 311 to arrange for a re-inspection (applicable fees apply). The applicant will receive an approval report and the Lot Grading Certificate when Final Grade is approved.  
  6. If the Inspection Report indicates a failure, it will identify the deficiencies and their locations. Please note, deficiency items are labelled “left,” “right,” “front,” and “back.” The “front” of a lot is typically determined when facing the property from the City street. In the case of a corner lot, the front property line is the shortest of the two that abut the City street.
  7. The applicant will be notified when the site grading is approved. This approval is based on the site conditions observed at the time of the lot grading inspection.

Note: Final Grade Approval will not be given until City of Edmonton, Development Services receives the original As-Built Plan and determines that all fees have been paid.