Get your students out of their seats and make the curriculum come to life! Get closer to the animals with hands-on encounters; check out some amazing artifacts and explore the Zoo as you learn about adaptations, endangered species, habitats and many other topics.

We have tailored programs to entertain and engage groups of all ages. Bring your group to the Zoo for an adventure during the day, or even spend the night in a sleepover!

Year-Round Programs

Animal Senses (Preschool - Grade 12 / Ages 3+)

Program Length: 1.5 hours
Fees: $240 (Zoo admission included)

Stimulate your senses at the Zoo! Discover how animals find food, perceive predators and pick a partner using their five (or more) senses. Students will meet some animals with senses very similar to ours, and some that are very different. Your group will get to look and listen as you tour around part of the Zoo, touch some artifacts and live animals, and experience some rather unique smells.

Animal Senses Information Package

Animals Around the World (Preschool - Grade 12 / Ages 3+)

Program Length: 1.5 hours
Fees: $240 (Zoo admission included)

Get closer to animals from around the world! Children will discover exotic animals, as well as some from closer to home, as they go on a globetrotting tour without ever leaving Edmonton. You will meet some of our animals up close, and even get a chance to touch a few as you learn how the zoo (and you too) can help animals all over the world.

Animals Around the World Information Package

Be a Zookeeper (Grades 3-12 / Ages 7+)

Program Length: 1.5 hours
Fees: $240 (Zoo admission included)

Zookeepers are always busy making meals, creating enrichments, caring for sick animals and cleaning animal enclosures. Your group will take part in at least one zookeeping activity* that needs to be done that day. Students will find out first-hand what it’s like to be a zookeeper as they go behind the scenes, discover what some of our animals eat, and learn more about what enrichments are and why zookeepers provide these to our animals. Your group will also get a chance to meet and touch a few of our smaller animals.

* Activities may include delivering an animal enrichment, cleaning an enclosure
or preparing an animal diet. Specific activities are dependent on animal health
and zookeeper availability, so they cannot be guaranteed in advance.

Be a Zookeeper Information Package

Endangered Species (Grades 3-12 / Ages 7+)

Program Length: 1.5 hours
Fees: $240 (Zoo admission included)

Meet some of the world’s most endangered species, and discover ways that you and the Zoo can help protect and preserve endangered animals here and around the globe. We’ll examine artifacts that come from endangered species, meet some animals up close and personal, and participate in hands-on activities to help students understand why so many animals are endangered. As we visit the Zoo’s endangered animals, children will learn about our Species Survival Plan and the conservation efforts that the Zoo supports.

Endangered Species Information Package

Farm Explorers (Preschool - Grade 6 / Ages 3+)

Program Length: 1.5 hours
Fees: $240 (Zoo admission included)

Spend some time at our new Urban Farm to learn more about domestic animals! Children will have the opportunity to Get Closer to our farm animals, learn how they provide useful products such as milk and wool and meet some animals up close. You will also be introduced to some of our resident wild species at the zoo to learn the difference between domestic and wild animals and how humans can safely interact with both.

Farm Explorers Information Package

Fur, Feathers and Scales (Preschool - Grade 3 / Ages 4+)

Program Length: 1.5 hours
Fees: $240 (Zoo admission included)

Get closer to the animals at the Edmonton Valley Zoo to see what they have covering their bodies. What can mammals use their fur for? What are birds’ feathers made out of? Do animals covered in scales feel slimy? Children will get a chance to see and feel the difference between fur, feathers and scales when we tour the zoo, check out some animal artifacts and even get to touch some live animals.

Fur, Feathers and Scales Information Package

Night Creatures (Grades 1-6 / Ages 5+)

Program Length: 1.5 hours
Fees: $240 (Zoo admission included)

How do whiskers help animals scurry around at night? Can owls see in the dark? Children will discover some of the amazing adaptations of the night-loving animals that live in our nocturnal wing. We’ll also visit familiar and exotic animals from around the world that are most active at dawn and dusk. Children will learn about the incredible lives of night creatures as we look at bats, owls and more.

Night Creatures Information Package

Northern Safari Tour (Preschool - Grade 12 / Ages 3+)

Program Length: 1.5 hours
Fees: $240 (Zoo admission included)

Discover some of the animals that call Canada home! An interpreter will guide your group around the Zoo to meet some of our Canadian animals, as well as ones that live in similar habitats around the world.

Learn about diverse ecosystems found in the northern parts of the world and how animals adapt to living in them. You’ll have a chance to see some awesome animal artifacts and meet some of our smaller northern animals up close.

Northern Safari Tour Information Package

Zoo Day (Grades 1-12)

Program Length: 3.75 hours
(9:30am-1:15pm, with lunch from 11-11:45pm)
Fees: $400

Why not spend your whole day at the Zoo? Zoo Day lets you pick two of our 1.5 hour programs and put them together for a full-day adventure. Between your programs, a lunch room is provided, so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to eat.* Plus, you’ll still have some time at the end of the day for self-guided discovery.

Only one Zoo Day program is offered per day from September to April. This program is not available May-August. Book early to guarantee your spot.

* Lunch is not provided.

Zoo Day Information Package

Seasonal Programs

Winter Zoo (Grades 1-6 / Ages 5+)

Program Length: 1.5 hours
Fees: $240 (Zoo admission included)
Available: November - March

Celebrate winter by visiting animals that live in cold, northern habitats around the world. Wolves, snow leopards, takins and Amur tigers all love winter! Kids help deliver a special treat for one of our winter-loving animals. Through animal encounters and artifacts, learn how these animals are able to survive the cold and discover how the zoo provides special care for these animals. Each class will do something different to stimulate the senses and curiosities of these animals at the zoo.

Winter Zoo Information Package

A Merry Zoo Christmas (Preschool – Grade 6 / Ages 4+)

Program Length: 1.5 hours
Fees: $240 (Zoo admission included)
Available: November - December, Monday-Thursday

We have made our list and checked it twice, and all the animals have been on their best behaviour! During the Christmas season, you will have a chance to ‘Get Closer’ to some of our animals and learn all about Christmas traditions from around the world. You will even have the chance to prepare a gift for an animal and make their holiday wishes come true.

A Merry Zoo Christmas Information Package

Zoo Immersion (Grades 1-12)

Program Length: 1-5 days;
Full day program, start times and end times depend on arrival and departure times.
Fees: $500 for first day, $235 for each subsequent day
Available: September - April

Immerse your students in the world of animals through this customizable program. Work with an interpreter to design a program to meet your specific learning objectives. Themes and activities can include any combination of the following: needs of living things, life
cycles, adaptations, endangered species, animal classification, careers and more! Your group will be with an interpreter from the moment you step off the bus to the moment you have to get back on.

Zoo Immersion Information Package

Overnight Programs

Zoo Sleepover (Grades 2-12 / Ages 5+)

Program Lenth:
Arrive at 6pm, depart at 11am the following day
Fees: $699 for up to 30 children and their supervisors.
Groups staying later than 11am will be charged an additional $30/hr or part thereof. Those wishing to visit the Zoo on their own after the overnight experience must pay self-guided admission fees.
Friday and Saturday evenings in September–June

Note: During May and June, there may be Full Facility Rentals at the Zoo in the evening. Your group will still be able to do all of the activities, but you will not be the only group in the Zoo for part of the evening.

This exciting overnight stay at the Zoo will provide your class or group with an immersive learning experience tailored to meet your learning needs. Check out the animals that are just waking up, as an interpreter guides you around the Zoo after hours. The sleepover program includes two 1.5 hour programs of your choice, time for supper and breakfast* and free time for a movie or games. The program can also include an evening campfire (depending on weather conditions).

At time of booking, please indicate which programs you would like included with your sleepover, and if you would like a campfire.

* No meals are provided.


You plan and supply your supper and breakfast. Adult supervisors will be responsible for preparing meals, with some staff guidance, and for clean up. Please note that cooking facilities are limited.

Sleeping Arrangements

Students will sleep in our classrooms in the EdVenture Lodge at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Groups can be separated into two separate rooms if requested during the booking process. Participants must supply their own sleeping bags, ground mat, cutlery, mess kits and personal items. Lights-out will be at or before 11 pm, depending on grade of students and teacher preferences.

Staff and Parent Volunteers

A minimum of four adult supervisors are required to stay overnight. You can choose to bring your own adult volunteer supervisors or pay an additional charge of $125/staff member to meet the required number of supervisors.

Zoo Sleepover Information Package

Book Your School or Group Program

(2020/21 School Year)

Booking Checklist

Please be prepared with the following information to make your booking:

  • Program name
  • 2-3 potential program dates
  • School mailing address, including postal code
  • School telephone and fax number
  • Contact name and names of teachers for all classes being booked
  • Email address(es) of teacher(s) booking and attending the program
  • Number of children attending
  • Number of supervisors
  • Special needs / accessibility arrangements
  • Location and address for travelling programs
  • Name and phone number of on-site contact person for travelling programs

Fees and Payment

The amount owing is shown on your program confirmation. Payment is required prior to the program. Invoices are sent out on the first of each month. You will receive your invoice in the same month as your program runs. For example: for a May booking, you will be issued your invoice on May 1. Payment can be made by cheque, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Please make cheques payable to The City of Edmonton and write your booking confirmation numbers on your cheques.

Credit card payment can be made over the phone by calling 311 or 780-442-1442.

Mail cheques to:
Citizen Services Payment Processing
PO Box 2359
19th Floor, Edmonton Tower
Edmonton AB, T5J 2R7

Group Size

The maximum number of children permitted in a program is 30. Groups exceeding 30 children must book an additional program. The maximum number of adult participants is 10. Groups exceeding 40 participants, including both children and adults, must book an additional program.

Adults are required to remain with their group and supervise participating students at all times during the program. Adult supervisors are admitted free of charge with the program in the following ratios:

  • Pre-school (3-4 years): 1 adult per 3 students
  • Kindergarten - Grade 6: 1 adult per 5 students
  • Grades 7-12: 1 adult per 10 students

Additional parents and children/siblings exceeding these ratios will be asked to pay facility admission fees and tour the facility on their own. Additional participants can rejoin their group after the registered program ends. To ensure a high quality program, we recommend that all children participating are within the age range advertised for the program.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

You are required to submit written notice of cancellation of program(s) via email to

Programs cancelled with 30 days notice or more will not be charged the program fee or a cancellation fee. Programs cancelled with 8-29 days notice are subject to be charged 50% of the program fee, unless the cancellation is filled by a waitlisted group. For programs cancelled with 7 days notice or less, the full program fee will be charged.

Programs run rain or shine. In the event of poor weather, you must call 780-442-1442 or email if you are not coming.

Programs cancelled due to severe weather conditions will not be charged a cancellation fee as long as they are rescheduled within the current or upcoming school year fall term (September - November).