How far can a lemur jump? What is your wingspan compared to the birds of the zoo? What does the fur of a takin feel like? Rent one of the 7 Educational Kits to find out the answers to these questions and to get closer to the animals of the zoo! 

Each kit contains a self-guided tour of the zoo, animal information, artifacts, activities, games and more! Every kit has links to the Alberta school curriculum and can be adapted for every grade level with basic, intermediate, and advanced information and questions!

You do not have to follow the recommended tour, but the activities and artifacts in the kits have been designed to follow a certain path in the zoo. Once you have the kit it is up to you to decide how you use it!

Rental Guidelines

These Educational Kits are designed to be used when visiting the zoo and will not be Educational Kit Photorented for use other than on site visits. Small groups, families and individuals can also rent a kit for use.

Our kits are rented out for the day. Kits signed out must be returned by 4pm on the day they were rented out. This allows our Education staff time to reset them for the next day.

If you have broken/lost an item or artifact in the kit, please notify Guest Services when you return the kit. They will make note and inform our Education staff to fix/replace the item. 

Cost of Kit

The cost of rental for the kit is $15 for the day. The $15 fee is to ensure the kits can be replaced/updated if items go missing or artifacts are broken. 

How to Reserve Your Kit

You can reserve your kit:

For general inquiries or assistance:

To pick up and drop off a kit please go to Guest Services in the Entry Plaza.

Kits are available beginning May 1, 2018.