rear view of the material being applied to the road surface

Micro-surfacing is a proven and cost-effective treatment to extend the life of existing asphalt roads by providing a fresh, sacrificial layer to wear and oxidize.

Micro-surfacing also corrects minor road defects such as raveling, which is a loss of surface stone, it also lessens the size of cracks and seals the road from moisture intrusion. Sealing the road from water and ice also reduces future cracking and helps to decrease the number of potholes which may develop over time.

The micro-surfacing material comprises crushed rock, asphalt emulsion, water, and cement powder. This process is regarded as environmentally sustainable compared to alternative road treatments, notably due to its significantly lower energy consumption. Unlike traditional grind and overlay methods, which utilize hot mix asphalt and heavy equipment, micro-surfacing requires considerably less energy.

2024 Micro-Surfacing Areas

The following neighbourhoods are scheduled for micro-surfacing this year.