Meyonohk has been chosen for Neighbourhood and Alley Renewal. Planning and design is currently underway.

Exploring Opportunities - April 2024

Thank you to everyone who engaged with the Project Team during the Exploring Opportunities stage of Meyonohk’s Neighbourhood and Alley Renewal. The online survey closed on April 17. The feedback gathered will help inform the options we share in the Exploring Options and Tradeoffs stage. 

The public engagement activities and participation will soon be summarized in the Engagement Summary.

A What We Heard Report summarizing your feedback will be available in the coming months. 

In fall 2024, we will be seeking your input again as we move into the Exploring Options and Tradeoffs stage of Neighbourhood and Alley Renewal. 

We commit to using your community’s input to refine the key elements to be explored in the development of the overall neighbourhood design. This design will align with the Vision that was co-created for your Neighbourhood Renewal project.