Killarney has been chosen for neighbourhood renewal beginning in spring 2022 with anticipated completion in 2023.

Construction update - April 2023

Neighbourhood renewal work will resume in Killarney the week of April 23, weather permitting. 

The planned construction area for 2023 will include 82 Street and 90 Street and 127 Avenue and 132 Avenue, and will include the reconstruction of roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutters and new streetlights. 

Additionally, there are 4 open spaces in Killarney that will receive improvements in 2023, located at the following addresses:

  • 129A Avenue NW and 94 Street NW
  • 129B Avenue NW and 91 Street NW
  • 130 Avenue NW
  • 131A Avenue NW and 89 Street NW

Improvements will include: excavation and grading, installation of new topsoil and sod, building of new concrete pathways, adding new site furniture (for example, benches, picnic tables, and waste receptacles) and planting 35 new trees, as well as shrubs and perennials.  

The open space work will be completed in sequence - starting with the park located at 129A Avenue and 94 Street NW and moving north-east, through completion of the 2 middle parks and then finishing with the park located at 131A Avenue NW and 89 Street NW. Once construction starts, any construction areas will be fenced off and closed to the public. 

If you live in the construction area, you will receive an additional construction notice that provides more information on what to expect during construction prior to work beginning.   

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we complete another successful year of Neighbourhood Renewal construction. Construction in Killarney began in spring 2022 and is expected to take 2 years (expected completion: fall 2023). 

Neighbourhood renewal in Killarney is progressing on time and on budget. 

About the Project

The Neighbourhood Renewal program will rehabilitate roads, curbs and gutters, replace street lights, repair sidewalks, and where possible, connect missing sidewalk links. Other opportunities to improve parks and public spaces will also be explored.

Cost sharing opportunities will be made available through the Local Improvement process for sidewalk reconstruction and decorative street light upgrades in the neighbourhood. Arterial roads and alleys are not included in the scope of work.

Neighbourhood Reconstruction

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Killarney Neighbourhood Renewal

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