Neighbourhood Reconstruction is scheduled for Alberta Avenue as part of the 2019-22 construction program.

Construction Update - April 2021

In the third week of April, construction started in project areas 55 and 56. See page 7 of the Alberta Avenue Construction Project Map for locations.

Due to warmer weather, the street light and underground construction scope will begin sooner than anticipated along 121 Avenue from 92 to 90 Street and 119 Avenue from 92 to 89 Street.

The landscape subcontractor will start in early May and will be completing the remaining topsoil and sod placement from 2020 including third party damages. Any identified deficiencies in project 53 and 54 from 2020 will be addressed by the contractor repair crew as well.

Line painting on the unprotected bike lane on 114 Avenue from 97 to 89 Street and on 96 Street from 118 Avenue to 111 Avenue has been completed recently. The protected bike lane line painting on 119 Avenue from the service road on 97 Street to 89 Street will be completed during this construction season once remaining roadways have been completed in the area.

About the Program

Reconstruction in Alberta Avenue started in spring 2019 with completion expected for 2022. A series of public events gave residents the opportunity to view the design plans and discuss details with the project team.

Neighbourhood reconstruction is a type of neighbourhood renewal that involves road reconstruction and repaving, as well as replacement of street lights and reconstruction of sidewalks, curb and gutter. Alley renewal is not part of neighbourhood reconstruction.


Alberta Avenue Neighbourhood Renewal

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