Neighbourhood Renewal construction is complete in Alberta Avenue!

Construction Update - November 2023

Neighbourhood Renewal construction in Alberta Avenue Neighbourhood has wrapped up for the 2023 construction season! 

2023 construction began in May and was finished the last week of October. The 2023 construction season was a success and we completed all planned construction including:

  • Deficiencies on 2022 work - any identified deficiencies in the 2022 area (projects 57 and 58) will be addressed
  • Removal of old street light fixtures
  • Line painting and sign installation on the 92 Street unprotected bike lane

Minor sod deficiency repairs and tree installations in select areas still need to be completed. Once the weather warms up, typically in early May, the landscape subcontractor will be completing the outstanding work. By waiting until spring, the sod is more likely to establish.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we completed Neighbourhood Renewal construction in Alberta Avenue.