Hillview has been chosen for Neighbourhood and Alley Renewal. Planning and design is currently underway.

Exploring Options and Tradeoffs - June 2023

Thank you to everyone who engaged with us on the Exploring Options and Tradeoffs stage of the Hillview Neighbourhood Renewal project.

The online survey closed on June 23, 2023 and we appreciate everyone who took the time to provide their feedback through the in-person event, the survey, emails and phone calls with the Project Team. We will use City Policy, technical analysis and your input to create a draft design to share with your community in late 2023. 

The Exploring Options and Tradeoffs Engagement Summary is now available.

The Hillview Neighbourhood and Alley Renewal Draft Designs are now available.

We look forward to seeing  you later this year to gather Community Feedback on Draft Design for your neighbourhood.

Hillview Neighbourhood and Alley Renewal

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