95 Avenue, between 163 Street and 182 Street, is being renewed. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2025.

Project Update - March 2024

After final internal reviews and consideration of all feedback gathered on the proposed design, it has been decided to proceed with a design that maintains access and parking for residents along 95 Avenue, while offering a safer and more direct route for all users.

The City used a combination of policy and program information, technical requirements, and public engagement feedback when developing the final design for the renewal of 95 Avenue between 163 Street and 170 Street.

 Construction is currently anticipated to begin in the spring of 2025. Construction information will be provided before the beginning of construction.

Thank you to those who attended the Information Session on March 6, 2024. The presentation video and Question and Answer document are linked below:

Resident Information Session Video
Resident Information Session Question and Answer Document

Design Highlights Include:

95 Avenue Corridor: 

  • Two travel lanes in each direction, including dedicated left-turning bays at all crossing streets
  • Transit stops allowing for amenities, including shelters, benches and garbage receptacles 

North side of 95 Avenue:

  • Maintain and reconstruct the service roads, including the existing alley connection east of 170 Street 
  • Wider sidewalk
  • Existing trees in the median will be maintained

South side of 95 Avenue:

  • New shared pathway with a raised crossing at 167 Street and a boulevard with new trees  
  • Removal of the service road, from 165 Street to 170 Street, and replacement with parking bays and connector sidewalks
  • Closure of the alley connection to the existing service road east of 170 Street

Work on 182 Street to 189 Street has been deferred and will be considered as part of the 2026-2030 budget cycle.

View the Design Plans

Design Plan Overhead View (11MB)
Cross-section views of proposed 95 Avenue design
Final Design Questions and Answers

About the Project

95 Avenue from 163 Street to 182 Street will undergo renewal. Renewal projects rehabilitate roads, replace street lights, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and add missing sidewalk links, where possible. The project is also considering other opportunities that improve how people walk, bike, roll, drive and gather.

The City makes decisions using a combination of policy and program information, public and stakeholder engagement input, technical requirements and available funding. This process helps to ensure the decisions we make are fiscally responsible, align with best practices, consider the existing public and private infrastructure, land uses and safety of activities along the roadway, and result in the best outcomes for our city.

A decision has been made to defer work from 182 Street to 189 Street. This section will be considered as part of the 2026-2030 budget cycle. 

We acknowledge the previously removed painted bike lanes on 95 Avenue did not meet expectations of the public, and the project team is making every effort to ensure the new design is appropriate and suitable, while allowing for the safe accommodation of all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles. 95 Avenue is identified as a district connector as part of the City of Edmonton’s Bike Plan, as well as a missing link in Edmonton’s cycling infrastructure. In alignment with this plan, the design will include a new shared pathway along the corridor. This shared pathway is meant for all active users, including pedestrians, wheelchair users, cyclists or other people strolling, rolling or walking.