Citizen Working Groups

Public input has played an essential role in shaping the Valley Line LRT, from the identification of the corridor in 2009 through the development of the concept plan to the completion of preliminary design in 2013. Thousands of Edmontonians have been engaged through meetings, presentations, open houses and online.

As part of its ongoing commitment to public engagement, the City has established Citizen Working Groups in five distinct zones along the LRT alignment as a major method of engaging with impacted communities during procurement, detailed design and construction of the Valley Line LRT.


Meeting Date Citizen Working Group Agendas Minutes
September 10 Zone “E” Agenda  
June 20 Zone “B” Agenda Minutes
June 19 Zone “C+D” Agenda  
April 2 Zone “E” Agenda Minutes
March 22 Zone “A” Agenda  
March 14 Zone “B” Agenda Minutes
March 13 Zone “C+D” Agenda Minutes


Meeting Date Citizen Working Group Agendas Minutes
November 29 Zone "B" Agenda Minutes
October 2 Zone "E" Agenda Minutes
September 26 Zone "A" Agenda Minutes
May 31 Zone "B" Agenda Minutes
April 12 Zone "C+D" Agenda Minutes
March 27 Zone "E" Agenda Minutes
March 23 Zone "A" Agenda Minutes
March 15 Zone "B" Agenda Minutes


Meeting Date Citizen Working Group Agenda Minutes
September 25 Zone "E" Agenda Minutes
September 18 Zone "C+D" Agenda Minutes
September 13 Zone "A" Agenda Minutes
September 12 Zone "B" Agenda Minutes
July 17 Zone "E" Agenda Minutes
May 8 Zone "C+D" Agenda Minutes
April 27 Zone "B" Agenda Minutes
April 24 Zone "E" Agenda Minutes
April 21 Zone "A" Agenda Minutes


Meeting Date Citizen Working Group Agenda Minutes
October 11 Zone "B" Agenda Minutes
October 4 Zone "E" Agenda Minutes
September 26 Zone "C+D" Agenda Minutes
August 2 Zone "A" Agenda Minutes
July 27 Zone "E" Agenda Minutes
July 7 Zone "B" Agenda Minutes
February 1 Zone "C" Agenda Minutes
January 26 Zone "D" Agenda  


Meeting Date Citizen Working Group Agenda Minutes
December 21 Zone "E" Agenda Minutes
December 15 Zone "A" Agenda Minutes
December 7 Zone "B" Agenda Minutes
August 11 Zone "B" Agenda Minutes           
August 10 Zone "A" Agenda Minutes
July 16 Zone "E" Agenda Minutes
July 15 Zone "C" Agenda Minutes
July 13 Zone "D" Agenda Minutes
Membership & Recruitment

For organizational purposes, the Valley Line route has been divided into five zones:

  • Zone “A” (Downtown)
  • Zone “B” (River Valley)
  • Zone “C” (85/83 Street Corridor)
  • Zone “D” (Whitemud)
  • Zone “E” (Mill Woods)

The City has been asking key organizations to designate representatives, and has invited the participation of the public at large to establish groups of 12-15 members. Public meetings to recruit members from the public at large occurred during the month of June. Those attending selected members from amongst themselves, as well as additional names to be placed on a reserve list. As a result of input received at these sessions, group guidelines and zone boundaries may be adjusted as the Citizen Working Groups are implemented.

Zone "A" (Downtown) public recruitment meeting presentation, Boyle Street Community Hall, June 11, 2015

Zone “A” Citizen Working Group current members
Chinese Benevolent Association Allan Kwan
Downtown Edmonton Community League Ian O'Donnell
Downtown Edmonton Community League Lindsey Trufyn
Edmonton City Centre Lindsay Whyte
Edmonton Downtown Business Association Jim Taylor
Boyle Street Community League Nancy Chan
Boyle Street Community League Maria Snip
Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Brent Francis
Churchill Square Festivals Shelley Switzer
Arts District Sally Kim
Public at Large Alf White
Public at Large Bill Patrick
Seniors at Large Young Quan

Zone "B" (River Valley) public recruitment meeting presentation, Old Timer’s Cabin, June 2, 2015

Zone “B” Citizen Working Group current members
Riverdale Community League David Kahane
Riverdale Community League Jodine Chase
Riverdale Community League Sandra Sperounes
Cloverdale Community League Glenn Selland
Cloverdale Community League Peter McFarlane
Strathearn Community League Jason Yeung
Strathearn Community League Dan Jancewicz
Bonnie Doon Community League Nancy Rempel
Bonnie Doon Community League Andrew Leach
Edmonton Ski Club Ken Saunders
Edmonton Folk Festival Bob Meyer
Public at Large Lorrie Deutscher
Public at Large Matt Knight
Seniors at Large Young Quan

Zone "C" (85/83 Street Corridor) public recruitment meeting presentation, Bonnie Doon Community Hall, June 3, 2015

Zone “C” Citizen Working Group current members
Bonnie Doon Community League Jon Lai
Bonnie Doon Community League Shauna Kuiper
King Edward Community League Scott Wylie
King Edward Community League Sarah Guenter
Idylwylde Community League Marcus Nordin
Idylwylde Community League Eric Flanagan
Holyrood Community League Michael Chocho
Holyrood Community League Geoff Harder
French Quarters BIA Jean Johnson
Seniors Community Karen Sheridan
École publique Gabrielle-Roy Jean-Daniel Trembley
Public at Large Brad Wotherspoon
Public at Large Bryan Zuck

Zone "D" (Whitemud) public recruitment meeting presentation, Argyll Community Hall, June 8, 2015

Zone “D” Citizen Working Group current members
Avonmore Community League Shane Thompson
Avonmore Community League Ken Stadt
Public at Large Tague Chisholm
Public at Large Jacqueline Landry

Zone "E" (Mill Woods) public recruitment meeting presentation, North Millbourne Community Hall, June 18, 2015

Zone “E” Citizen Working Group current members
North Millbourne Community League Leigh Makarewicz*
North Millbourne Community League Mariah Samji*
Leefield Community League Mitch Baxter
Woodvale Community League Dennis Emmerling*
Woodvale Community League Al Aben*
Lakewood Community League Charles Penney
MCARFA Joan Kirillo
Mill Woods Town Centre Linda Shute
Public at Large Michael Neuherz
Public at Large Paul Conway

*Alternating co-members

Purpose & Guidelines

The purpose of the Citizen Working Groups is to provide the Valley Line LRT project team and the affected communities with a means to:

  • Build and maintain relationships and trust
  • Promote and support community engagement opportunities
  • Facilitate information-sharing and dialogue
  • Support the identification of issues, opportunities and concerns
  • Seek opportunities to minimize and mitigate impacts related to detailed design and construction

These groups are designed to be neighbourhood-focused and organized to reflect the common characteristics and interests of five distinct zones along the corridor from Downtown to Mill Woods. They will supplement, rather than replace, ongoing stakeholder relations activities involving geographically broader-based organizations and interests.

Members are volunteers reflecting a cross-section of the community. The intention is to have the groups function until the Valley Line begins service, with group membership and composition reviewed annually.

The groups themselves will be involved in completing their detailed operational guidelines, with members expected to:

  • Understand/share local knowledge & interests
  • Operate in an atmosphere of mutual respect & trust
  • Support overall best interests of the community
  • Treat participation as a commitment