Two women on a trail.

Due to ongoing site stability concerns, the section of trail in Whitemud Creek Ravine adjacent to 54 Avenue is being repaired. Construction is anticipated to start in October 2022.

About the project

This trail provides the only access to the west side of Whitemud Creek in this area of the ravine and is used extensively by recreational users, so it must be permanently repaired to maintain the connectivity of the Whitemud Creek Ravine trail system. Due to limited trail widths and unsafe conditions, the trail has been closed to public use since spring 2020. The repair will create safe, long-term access to the Whitemud Creek Ravine and the overall trail system.

Items in scope for this project include:

  • Tree removals
  • Compromised and slumped material removal
  • Imported material installation for bank remediation
  • Bank armouring through rip rap boulders
  • Rock and upland naturalization planting