Confederation District Park is undergoing renewal.

December 2022 - Project Update

Construction on Confederation District Park has wrapped up for 2022. During the 2022 construction season we completed:

  • The asphalt pathways around the 3 existing baseball diamonds and the four south sports fields
  • The 4 south sports fields (two of which opened for use with temporary sports fixtures in September 2022)
  • Tree planting
  • Resurfacing of the asphalt laneway behind Louis St. Laurent Catholic Junior/High school
  • Construction of the court base and asphalt surfacing, and erection of the court lighting poles
  • Irrigation work
  • Updates and replacements to the stormwater and servicing system 
  • The low-impact development work (the installation of the underground storage system is well underway) 

Unfortunately, due to inclement weather in June and contractual delays, we were not able to complete all the planned work in 2022 and will need to finish a few items in 2023. This includes: 

  • The 2 north sports fields
  • Installation of the permanent sports fixtures (at all 6 sports fields)
  • The construction of the new running track and jump pit
  • The completion of the asphalt pathways (around the courts and the 2 north sports fields)
  • The acrylic textured court surfacing and painted lines, court fencing and fixtures and the illumination of the court light fixtures
  • The remaining irrigation work  
  • The low-impact development work (completion of the underground storage system and the inclusion of the west-bioretention area)

2023 construction will begin in early May, weather permitting. We do not plan on closing the whole park site, but there will be areas fenced off during active construction. More information will be provided to nearby residents and to the schools closer to the construction start date. The newly anticipated construction completion date is summer 2023.

About the Project

Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods are great places to live and have many treasures including District Activity Parks. These parks serve several neighbourhoods in the larger area and are important for health, wellness and quality of life. They are part of a city-wide park system and support a wide variety of facilities, programs and open space activities.

Confederation Park, 11204 43 Avenue NW, is a District Activity Park located in southwest Edmonton. The City has completed a Master Plan to establish a long term vision for this park.

The master plan and concept plan for the park was created using input and ideas gathered through public engagement. This plan will be used to shape the park’s future, taking into consideration the interests expressed by the public, use of existing amenities, new amenities and activities, operational requirements and City strategies and policies.