Renewal of Confederation District Park is underway!

November 2023 - Project Update

Renewal construction on the south side of Confederation District Park is completed. Construction of the north side of the park is anticipated to be completed by October 2024.  

Confederation District Park Renewal Scope Map - November 2023

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The north side of the park, where the oval running track is located (area outlined in brown in the image above), is currently closed due to an unforeseen grade depression. The grade depression occurred above the underground stormwater storage system following backfill work. As a result, infrastructure construction currently on hold includes the 2 north sports fields, the remaining asphalt pathways and the new running track and jump pit. 

The City anticipates that work will resume on the north side of the park in spring 2024.

About the Project

Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods are great places to live and have many treasures including District Activity Parks. These parks serve several neighbourhoods in the larger area and are important for health, wellness and quality of life. They are part of a city-wide park system and support a wide variety of facilities, programs and open space activities.

Confederation Park, 11204 43 Avenue NW, is a District Activity Park located in southwest Edmonton. The City has completed a Master Plan to establish a long term vision for this park.

The master plan and concept plan for the park was created using input and ideas gathered through public engagement. This plan will be used to shape the park’s future, taking into consideration the interests expressed by the public, use of existing amenities, new amenities and activities, operational requirements and City strategies and policies.