Calder Library

The project creates proper water management for Athlone Park and Calder Library to ensure safe and lasting infrastructure.

Project Update - July 2022

Detailed design is currently in progress and currently not funded for construction. Once the funding is approved and construction begins, the area outside the library and into the park will be closed throughout construction for safety reasons and will be reopened when complete.

About the Project

The Athlone Park/Calder Library, located at 12710 131 Avenue, was built in 2017. The catch basin and storm sewer line on site was removed during the construction of the Calder Library so as not to conflict with the underground utilities. However, there was no alternative site drainage system. As a result, an unofficial wetland area retains the storm water and does not allow the area to drain properly.  

The project will improve the site drainage to ensure proper water management. As a result, the water storage area may be removed. The Calder Library and Athlone Park are important assets for all Edmontonians and ensuring safe and lasting infrastructure is critical to building a healthy and thriving City. The project will enable use of the outdoor library spaces, eliminate odours, reduce the mosquito manifestation and address safety concerns associated with the area.