city hall fountains with water

Investing in the Civic Precinct and City Hall Fountain will provide a vibrant, safe and barrier-free space for everyone to enjoy.

Centennial Plaza Street Access
Street access from any level of the Library Parkade is available via the left elevator at the southwest side of the parkade. Elevator exits onto 100 Street and Judy Padua Way/Rice Howard Way. The right elevator remains out of service.

Project Overview

The Civic Precinct and City Hall Fountain are important spaces to Edmontonians and visitors. Rehabilitation of this space is necessary to maintain operations of the surface and fountain for people to enjoy, and to complete required work to meet legislative requirements. The layout and function of the space will remain the same with improvements to safety and accessibility.


  • Provide a safe public area
  • Create barrier-free spaces for use by all citizens
  • Maintain a cohesive feel of the space
  • Increase pedestrian accessibility
  • Install durable, timeless materials to support lifecycle maintenance
  • Maintain the urban tree canopy
  • Keep similar opportunities for activities - skating, wading, programs, festivals and events
  • Provide vibrancy during all 4 seasons