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Leave as Built is a confirmation by the City that applies to buildings that have had the appropriate development permits issued but the actual building has been built in a different location than what was approved.

About the Service

What is the process?

A Development Planner reviews the application to determine whether they will approve the variance allowing the structure to remain.

  • If your application is approved, we will notify your neighbours within 60m of your property. The notification period, in which your neighbours may appeal the Development Planner's decision, is approximately four weeks.
  • During the notification period, you can inquire with the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board at 780-496-6079 on whether any appeals have been made.
  • If no appeals are filed during the notification period, the development permit is valid, allowing the building to remain as built.

Why does the City send a Notification Letter?

When a Development Permit application for a Discretionary Development is approved, the Zoning Bylaw requires that the Development Planner notify all residents and property owners within a 60 metre (200 foot) radius of the site where the approval was issued. A Discretionary Development which could include a Development Permit for either a Discretionary Use or where a variance was granted to one or more regulations of the Bylaw.
Note: a variance may require some additional fees, as outlined in the Fees section below.

The purpose of providing the notice is to provide an opportunity for people who may be affected by these discretionary decisions an opportunity to register an appeal regarding the proposed construction. Any appeals on the approval are sent to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

How Do I Obtain the Service?

To apply, mail or bring the following items to our office:

  • A copy of the Leave as Built application form 
  • A copy of the compliance letter from the Development Approvals and Inspections Section
  • Two copies of a real property report (we do not accept faxed or spliced real property reports) showing:
    1. The location and size of the existing building
    2. Distance from side, rear or front property lines
  • All application fees.
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2024 Rates

Effective January 1, 2024

For a single-detached house, semi-detached house or duplex: $185

For an accessory building (includes garage, carport, shed, gazebo, and uncovered deck): $140

For other development permits (multi-family, commercial, industrial): $400

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