The Zoning Confirmation Letter is a paid service where the City will provide a letter signed by a Development Officer to verify a property’s zoning.


The zoning of a property determines what kinds of structures may be built. For example, a landowner may want to remove an existing structure and build a duplex or a four-plex on the property. Zoning confirmation gives the owner details of what may be built on their land.

Research to verify zoning online

All current and proposed zoning is available online at the City's website. That site always shows current zoning information.


The 2023 zoning confirmation fee is $115 per site, effective January 1, 2023.  


  • After submitting a request, we will assess the information and indicate what the zoning is for the address documented in the application request
  • A letter is written, indicating that we have received your request for the property in question and what the zoning result is for the property


You cannot apply for a Zoning Confirmation letter over the phone. However, zoning information can be found at General inquiries about the zone and zoning details can be discussed over the phone.

Application Procedure

To apply, fill in the Zoning Confirmation application form, or provide a letter indicating:

  • Applicant's name, address, phone number (include fax number if applicable)
  • The property's municipal address including the legal description (plan number, block and lot as shown on your tax notice) which requires zoning identification
  • Details on how you would like us to respond (either by mail or to contact you for pickup)
  • All application fees