What is it?

Fire blight (Erwinia amylovorais a bacterial disease native to North America. It infects trees and shrubs in the rose family, including crabapple, apple, mountain ash, hawthorn, cotoneaster, raspberry, and saskatoon.


Pollinating bees and other insects, birds, rain and wind spread the bacteria.


What's the problem?

Fire blight is a serious plant disease that can cause considerable damage and death.  It is a controlled pest in Alberta, so homeowners are responsible for control of fire blight on their plants. The most common sign is a branch of wilted, bronze-coloured leaves.


What can I do?

Homeowners can control fire blight by carefully pruning out sick wood at least 46 cm (18 in) below the infection, sterilizing pruning tools between every cut, and disposing of the diseased wood, not using it for mulch, compost or storing as firewood.


Bonus Material

This was the first-ever bacterium proven by experiments to cause disease in plants back in the 1800s.