The City of Edmonton’s Mosquito Control Program continues with a robust and targeted ground control program to proactively manage the mosquito population and ensure our city parks and outdoor spaces are pleasant, healthy and safe to enjoy.

2024 Mosquito Control Activities

There will be no Aerial Control Program this year, but the City of Edmonton is continuing with the activities listed below.

  • The Ground Control Program - The City’s existing robust and targeted ditch and ground mosquito programs remain active. These programs target roadside ditches and other ground habitats in our control area where mosquito larvae will be developing. As these control areas are closer to residential and recreational areas, they have a significant impact on local mosquito populations. As of Tuesday, April 5, the City’s equipment and personnel are in place and experts are monitoring mosquito larvae development.
    • We respect the concerns of residents who live near these control areas of impact to the local environment and their health. The City uses products that target mosquito larvae, instead of adults, as this is the safest, most effective and environmentally-friendly strategy with Edmonton’s climate and with available pest control products. We use two products that use proteins from a bacteria that specifically targets and effectively kills mosquito larvae, is non-toxic to almost all other aquatic species, and does not impact human health. The products are approved by the Health Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency.
    • By only targeting temporary habitats, there is minimal impact on the other species of insects and leaves a diverse amount of food for insect-eating birds, spiders and amphibians. People who would like full information about our practices and the products used can visit

See  2024 Pest Management Public Notice .