Current Activity

Our Mosquito-Meter graph tracks the level of mosquito activity in our city. The data is regularly updated during mosquito season.

Our mosquito traps occasionally capture low numbers of Culex tarsalis mosquitoes, the main transmitter of West Nile virus (Wnv) locally. This species is typically found in late July and early August, particularly following hot, dry conditions.

Protect Yourself

When enjoying the outdoors, wear bug repellent, pants and long-sleeved shirts. Loose-fitting and light-coloured clothing also helps prevent mosquito bites. It's also recommended that homeowners remove standing water on their properties to reduce potential development sites for mosquitoes.

Historic Trends

This Culex graph compares current levels of Culex tarsalis with levels in 2003 when WNv first arrived in the Edmonton area.

Compare recent nuisance mosquito populations with a history of Edmonton mosquito levels. As these graphs show, Edmonton mosquito populations have been much higher in the past.

Mosquito Meter - Most current activity compared to the previous four years

Mosquito Meter - Most current levels compared to the past ten year average

Mosquito Meter - 20, 10 & 5 year averages

Mosquito Meter - 1983 to present time line

Mosquito Meter - 1978 to present perspective

Trap Information

Mosquito activity is based on standard New Jersey light trap data. These traps are commonly used to record changes in abundance of mosquitoes before and after control campaigns and to compare seasonal and annual fluctuations in population. The City has consistent light trap data going back for decades.

As with any other insect trapping techniques, there is an accepted sampling bias. Not all species respond the same to light and it's recognized that the species caught in the traps can be in disproportionate numbers to the size of their actual populations. The trap catches are also heavily influenced by ever changing environmental conditions that affect mosquito flight activity. Each collection date reflects the levels of general mosquito activity captured during the previous one week period.