A mom and her kids bringing their blue bags to the curb.

Download our What Goes Where guide for a convenient poster that will summarize what you can recycle, what goes into your garbage and what you can take to Eco Stations.

All the materials listed below can be recycled in blue bags, apartment blue bins and recycling depots. Please do not recycle anything that is not listed. Improper items can jam machinery, damage equipment and increase the risk of staff injuries.

Thumbnail photo of mixed paper.

  • Newspaper and inserts, magazines, catalogues
  • White writing and computer paper
  • Christmas cards, non-foil gift wrap
  • Junk mail, paper bags, envelopes, paper egg cartons, paperback and hardcover books (remove hard cover), phone books

Please do not put shredded paper in your blue bag or bin, please take it to a Recycling Depot (in the low-grade paper bin) or put it in your garbage.

CardboardThumbnail photo of cardboard box

  • Flattened corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Flattened cereal and food boxes (remove and discard liner)
  • Juice boxes
  • Milk cartons (rinse with cold water and flatten)
  • Flattened shoe boxes and brown paper bags
  • Pizza boxes are recyclable, but please remove the greasy layer

Metals (no loose lids, trap inside can or discard)Thumbnail photo of metal cans.

  • Clean tin cans (soup, juice and so on)
  • Aluminum containers (pie plates)
  • Aluminum cans (beverages)
  • Empty non-hazardous aerosol cans

Glass (empty and clean, remove lids and put in garbage)Thumbnail photo of glass bottles.

  • Jars (for example, pickle, jam)
  • Bottles (for example, all beverages, ketchup)

Note: Jars and bottles only. No ceramics, plate glass or mirror.

Plastics (empty and clean, remove lids and put in garbage)Thumbnail photo of plastic containers.

  • All types of plastic containers and stretchy plastic bags
  • Household cleaner bottles
  • Shampoo and conditioner bottles (including similar personal care products)
  • Vinegar bottles
  • Stretchy plastic bags (all types including grocery, bread and dry cleaner bags)Thumbnail photo of plastic bags.
  • Pop and beverage bottles
  • Milk jugs
  • Detergent or fabric softener bottles
  • Margarine and yogurt containers
  • Ice cream pails (remove metal handle)Thumbnail photo of plastic milk jugs.
  • Vitamin bottles
  • Windshield washer containers