BusLink is a 24-hour automated information system you can access to get schedule and other transit information anytime you need it.

Dial 780-496-1600 on your phone. Enter the 4 or 5-digit bus stop number to hear schedule information.

Option 1 provides scheduled bus information for the current time of day, while option 2 allows users to find scheduled bus information for future times.

How do I find my bus stop number?

Bus stop numbers can be found at the bottom of every bus stop sign in Edmonton.  For LRT Station stop numbers, select the station from our listing on our LRT Stations page.

  ETS Bus Stop Sign



Do I have to listen to the entire BusLink menu before making my selection?

No, BusLink has a "skip ahead" feature which allows you to select your choice at any point of the menu. BusLink will skip to the information you select. 

What kind of scheduled information does BusLink have?

BusLink offers three types of scheduling information.

Current time information will give you the schedule times of the next 3 buses within the next hour. All you need is the 4 or 5-digit bus stop number.

Later today information gives the schedule times for the next 3 buses at a later time during the current day. You will be prompted to enter the hour and minute of travel and the 4 or 5-digit bus stop number.

Future days offers the schedule times of the next three buses for a specific date and time up to 7 days in advance. You will be prompted to enter a number that corresponds to the day of travel, the hour and minute of travel, and the 4 or 5-digit bus stop number. 

What other information can I find on BusLink?

 BusLink can be a valuable resource for any transit user. Information available includes:

  • Schedule Information
  • Fare Information
  • Customer Service hours of operation and location
  • Lost and Found
  • Safety and Security Information
  • Other ETS Services
Are School Specials on BusLink?

Yes, BusLink gives schedule times for bus stops serviced by School Specials. Call BusLink at 780-496-1600 on your phone and enter your four or five-digit bus stop number.