The City of Edmonton’s pilot for the Arc Ride Transit fare group starts on May 1.

Arc Ride Transit Program

Information for Pilot Participants

Thank you for your interest in the Arc Ride Transit pilot. The pilot is scheduled to run from May 1 to June 30.

All applicants will be notified by email whether or not they have been selected to participate in the pilot the week of April 8.

Further details about the pilot will be delivered by mail via Canada Post to individuals who are selected to participate in the pilot  by April 26.

If you applied to participate in the pilot and do not receive a communication from us or have questions about the pilot, please contact

As a Ride Transit pilot participant, you will test Arc, the Edmonton region’s electronic fare payment system and share your thoughts with us. You will: 

  • Use the information contained in the welcome letter to create an Arc account and register your complimentary Arc card
  • Request the Ride Transit profile be added to your Arc card and enter the security code in the welcome letter
  • Load money to your Arc account and set up auto-reload (if desired)
  • Ride the bus and LRT by tapping your Arc card on the card readers when entering and exiting the bus or LRT station
  • Use website (via Arc pilot portal), Arc call centre (1-888-302-0001) and Arc fare vending machines to check your card balance, add money to your Arc account and view your travel history
  • Provide feedback on your experience using Arc

Learn more about the benefits of Arc and how to use Arc.

As a token of our appreciation, ETS will provide you with one month of free transit upon successful completion of the pilot. 

For questions or more information about the pilot, email

*Participants in the pilot program will be eligible for one month of free transit upon fulfilling the pilot requirements. All applicants will undergo an eligibility screening for a limited number of spaces. The pilot dates are subject to change.