We Want to Hear from You

Provide feedback on Edmonton's new draft Zoning Bylaw, Rezoning Map and learn about engagement opportunities occurring now through December 18, 2022.

The Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative consists of 4 projects.


Project Components

Creating a New Zoning Bylaw
Writing a New Zoning Bylaw

Creating a new Zoning Bylaw is a rare opportunity to rethink what we regulate in terms of land development and whether we are regulating the right things.

Edmontonians are invited to provide feedback on proposed approaches to zones, uses and residential areas through a series of workbooks and workshops. Visit engaged.edmonton.ca/zoningbylawrenewalinitiative to participate.

Rezoning land to align with the new Zoning Bylaw

The rezoning project will help realize the vision of the new Zoning Bylaw by applying new zones to all properties in Edmonton.

Currently, the City is creating a rezoning framework to provide stakeholders and Edmontonians with a degree of transparency and predictability throughout the rezoning process.

Technology Improvement
Providing technology to manage the new Zoning Bylaw, and improving the online customer experience for planning and development services.

Technology allows applicants to access the Zoning Bylaw and better understand how its regulations affect their property and will support a streamlined development process. The technology project helps improve the online customer experience for planning and development services.

Project Implementation
Ensuring a smooth transition to the new Zoning Bylaw and technology through thoughtful implementation.

Transitioning to the new Zoning Bylaw will involve updates to land development processes and services, as well as thoughtfully planned education, training and awareness opportunities for affected homeowners, applicants, staff and more.