The Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative will be informed by a series of technical studies, guiding reports and engagement activities.

Technical Studies

Using data and analysis to look at zoning issues, challenges and opportunities.

Discussion Papers: These papers explored various topics and zones, and provided preliminary thinking and direction for the new Zoning Bylaw's regulatory framework. The feedback from the discussion papers and engagements helped further refine the proposed approaches in various topics in the new Zoning Bylaw.

Engagement Reports

Engagement activities with residents, businesses, industry, community organizations and more.

  • Youth Engagement Report (2022) : In collaboration with Edmonton Public Schools and City Hall School, students shared their ideas around land use and concepts like housing, open space and mobility through a variety of engagement activities.
  • What We Heard Report: Public Engagement June-July 2021:  Engagement activities focused on 3 specific topics: Approach to Zones, Approach to Uses and Approach to Residential Areas; each with a range of ideas to explore.
  • Community Conversations (2020):  Conversations with community members were facilitated to explore and understand how zoning impacts Edmontonians’ daily lives. Explicit attention was given to ensuring people, specifically Black, Indigenous, and racialized, underrepresented, and marginalized communities, were invited to participate.
  • What We Heard Report: Discussion Papers (2020):  This report summarizes the feedback received through the Discussion Paper engagement that occurred between July-November 2020. 
  • ​City Plan Engagement​ Data Analysis: Zoning: This report summarizes how previous City Plan engagement data were reviewed through a zoning lens, to confirm and validate the direction and philosophy of the new Zoning Bylaw.

  • What We Heard Report: Public Engagement Events (2018-2019):  This report summarizes the engagement activities that led to the direction and philosophy of the new Zoning Bylaw.

Guiding Reports

Information, tools and resources related to zoning.

Urban Planning Committee Reports

Other Key Reports