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Provide feedback on the revisions made to Edmonton’s District Planning draft policies, list of proposed geographic plan changes and the project’s future work priorities, happening now through December 1, 2023.

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The District Planning project is developing 2 new planning tools to guide how collections of neighbourhoods (districts) will redevelop and change as Edmonton reaches its next population milestone of 1.25 million people: 

  1. District Policy: provides policies that apply across all districts and other planning directions like urban design, energy transition and climate adaptation.
  2. Fifteen district plans: contain district-specific context, area-specific policies and maps showing how the citywide District Policy directions are applied in a particular district

The District Policy and district plans must be used together. While the District Policy sets the policy foundation across the city, district plans tell us what is currently in the district and how it will change.

District plans are not like other plans — they set out broad policy statements to provide more flexible planning direction. Many of Edmonton’s existing plans are overly prescriptive, and residents feel discouraged when their plans change. District plans will still provide clear direction, but they allow a wider range of development opportunities without requiring frequent changes (amendments) to the plans.

2023 Updated Plans

The revised draft District Policy and 15 district plans are available to help you prepare for the public engagement period this fall. These drafts incorporate feedback received in 2022 from Edmontonians and City Council.

See key changes in the  Overview of Changes Document