Share Your Feedback

Public engagement starts in June, with a focus on the District General Policy. Sign up to learn and share about the District General Policy. In the sessions you will:

  • Learn what the  District General Policy is and how it will guide district plans
  • Provide feedback on the District General Policy’s general themes and content 

There are seven sessions. All sessions will be online and follow the same format:

  • Thursday June 16 at 7-8:30pm
  • Wednesday June 22 at 7-8:30pm
  • Thursday June 23 at 12:30-2pm
  • Tuesday June 28 at 12:30-2pm
  • Wednesday July 6 at 7-8:30pm
  • Saturday July 9 at 1-2:30pm
  • Tuesday July 12 at 7-8:30pm

Space is limited, so please register to attend your preferred session.

Conversation Starters 

The Conversation Starter documents below are mini-information packages that introduce key District Planning topics and are intended to help Edmontonians prepare for upcoming engagements on district plans. They provide basic information on the project’s process and rationale and highlight how engagement will be incorporated into the district plans and District General Policy. 

The videos are presentations of the Conversation Starters, intended to provide additional visuals and explanations.

  1. What is District Planning? | Video
  2. What are the District General Policy and the district plans? | Video
  3. How are the District General Policy and the district plans being drafted? | Video
  4. How will Edmontonians provide input? | Video
  5. How are the District General Policy and District Plans intended to be used? | Video
  6. How will the District General Policy and District Plans be monitored and updated? | Video
Previous Project Milestones

January 2021 - Developed the Prototypes

A draft of the District General Policy and 3 sample district plans were prepared as sample district plans. 

Spring 2021 - Shared the Prototypes

Prototypes were shared with a group of core stakeholders to gather feedback and input on the structure, content and level of detail proposed to be contained within district plans. The input helped to improve the sample plans and that feedback was incorporated in the drafting of all remaining district plans.

June and July 2021 - Information Sessions

The project team hosted 8 online Information Sessions to introduce District Planning to residents and community members. The sessions provided an opportunity to create awareness about the project and its connection to The City Plan’s implementation and to gather initial questions. 

Spring 2021 to Summer 2022 - Draft the District General Policy and 15 District Plans 

  • Release of the Conversation Starters and videos

Summer 2022 to October 2022 - Refine Engagement begins on the draft District General Policy and 15 draft district plans

  • June 2022 - Engagement begins on the draft District General Policy 
  • August 2022 - Draft 15 district plans released for public engagement