Guidelines for Edmonton’s Future Communities

Edmonton is vibrant, young and growing! We are planning ahead to ensure we become a leading sustainable city in the future. The City has design guidelines for new neighbourhoods to help us continue to build strong communities. 

The guidelines inform the physical structure and layout of future neighbourhoods in our Urban Growth Areas. These areas have been designated for future development in the Municipal Development Plan, The Way We Grow

The guidelines establish a collective vision for our new communities and encourage them to develop in ways that are unique, innovative and sustainable. In doing so they help Edmonton to fulfill the vision of The Way We Grow.

How and Where to Use the Guidelines

The guidelines are used to guide the preparation of new Neighbourhood Structure Plans (NSPs) in the city’s Urban Growth Areas – the northeast, southeast and southwest.

These areas are identified in dark green on the map below.  Before neighbourhoods can be planned and built in these areas, approved Area Structure Plans (ASPs) must be in place.

The guidelines are used by the City, developers, planning consultants, citizens, City Council and others involved in the preparation, review and approval of new NSPs.  An NSP describes the general pattern of development and subdivision in a new neighbourhood and defines a vision for the new community.

If you are looking to prepare such a plan in an Urban Growth Area, are involved in the planning process or want to know more about it, visit the Terms of Reference for Plans and Amendments web page, or contact Development Services, Urban Planning and Economy, for more information.

Edmonton's Urban Growth Areas

This map shows the northeast, southeast and southwest Urban Growth Areas in dark green.