The 2021 Edmonton Election includes the senate election and a referendum vote in addition to the municipal and school board trustee election.

Voters will receive 2 ballots, with instructions:

  • Municipal and school board trustee ballot: Voters will elect 1 Mayor, 1 Councillor for each of the 12 City of Edmonton wards, 1 Edmonton Catholic Schools Trustee for each of the 7 wards or 1 Edmonton Public Schools Trustee for each of the 9 wards.
  • Combined provincial ballot (Senate and referendum): Voters will select up to 3 senate nominees who may be appointed to the Senate of Canada to represent Alberta and vote on 2 referendum questions. For more information on the Senate Election and the referendum vote, please contact Elections Alberta

2021 Edmonton Election Candidate Lookup Tool and List

Please use this lookup tool to see the list of official candidates in the 2021 Edmonton Election.

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A complete list of candidates is available on Open Data or as a PDF.

Who can Vote

You can vote in the upcoming Edmonton Election if you are:

  • At least 18 years old
  • A Canadian citizen
  • A resident of Edmonton on Election Day

To determine if you are an Edmonton resident please review section 48 of the Local Authorities Election Act.

When to Vote

There will be multiple voting opportunities for you to vote in the upcoming Election:

  1. Election Day: October 18. Voting stations will be open from 9am until 8pm
  2. Advance Voting: October 4 to 13, 1-7pm including Thanksgiving Monday (October 11). The number of Advance Voting Stations has been doubled to 12 or one per ward.
  3. Special ballot: According to the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA), special ballots are available to voters who are unable to vote at an Advance Voting station or on Election Day because of: disability, absence from the local jurisdiction (City of Edmonton) or being a Returning Officer, Deputy Returning Officer, Substitute Returning Officer, constable, candidate, official agent or scrutineer who is working. The application form is available at

Where to Vote

Please use the Find Your Voting Station tool to find out where to vote during the Advance Vote period and on Election Day.

Find your voting station

What to Bring

When you visit a voting station you must bring a piece of identification that has your name and residential address. An electronic bill will be accepted as proof of address when voting.

Screenshot of the Authorized Identification sheet.

​View the full list of authorized ID