All Edmonton Election candidates (including those that have withdrawn or have won by acclamation) are required to file a Campaign Disclosure Statement and Financial Statement. 

In addition to the Campaign Disclosure Statements from candidates for Mayor and Council (from 2010 through 2021), statements for School Trustee candidates in 2021 are also available below.

Select an Election, Race and Ward (if applicable), to see a list of candidates and links to their submitted Disclosure Statement.

Prior to 2021, candidates had the option of filing a Self Funded Campaign Voluntary Disclosure Statement, if their campaign was entirely self-funded.

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2010-2021 Campaign Disclosure Statements


  • Not Filed - indicates that the candidate has not filed the required Disclosure Statement for the given election.
  • Received - Under Review - indicates candidates who have filed a Disclosure Statement for the most recent election that is still under review by Edmonton Elections. The Statement will be included here once the review is complete.