The Art Store Neon Sign

The Art Store sign was placed in storage for 30 years before being installed at the Neon Sign Museum. 

The Art Store was an art supply store located at 10416 - 80 Avenue in Old Strathcona, founded in 1980 by artist and proprietor Janet Traub. Ms. Traub worked at the Woodward’s Bakery in the 1970s to put herself through art school, then set out to design a sign that would distinguish her establishment as a creative stop for her retail and wholesale customers.

Ms. Traub travelled extensively to high schools, colleges and universities throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, assisting teachers and professors with their curriculum and art supply requirements. The tumultuous 1980s proved to be extremely hard times for businesses in Alberta. She ultimately sold The Art Store to Burlington Art and Drafting in 1987 in hopes of a more secure future.

Ms. Traub would not know of her eventual return to the premises at 10416 - 80 Avenue, where the second of her neon signs, Bee-Bell Health Bakery, would subsequently hang as part of her business starting in 1995. 

This sign was donated by: Janet Traub

This sign was generously restored by: Skyline Sign Services Ltd.