Bee bell Neon Sign

Bee-Bell Health Bakery, founded by Edwin Strimer and later owned by Janet Traub, became a baking institution in Edmonton.

Bee-Bell Health Bakery was founded in 1956 by Edwin Strimer. Its first location in Old Strathcona at 8124 - 103 Street was its home for 39 years. Mr. Strimer and his wife Elizabeth built what would become a baking institution in Edmonton.

In 1990, Leonard and Janet Traub became the new owners of Bee-Bell Health Bakery and became responsible for 33 full-time employees. The business continued smoothly until 1994 when the lease ended. Ms. Traub purchased 10416 - 80 Avenue from Sam Toronczyk, and in 1995, the Bee-Bell Health Bakery neon sign was erected at the new premises. The swinging neon bell was turned on at Easter and off after Thanksgiving due to Edmonton’s winter weather. The bell was well enjoyed by customers.

Bee-Bell continued to prosper in their new location. In 2006, Ms. Traub sold Bee-Bell Health Bakery with the intention of returning to full-time painting and went on to receive international recognition for her work. Regrettably, the bakery closed in 2013 after serving Edmonton for 57 years.

This sign was donated by: Janet Traub

This sign was generously restored by: Blanchett Neon Ltd.