The quality of the air we breathe has a major effect on our health. The decisions we make every day in our homes and businesses affect the quality of the air we breathe. We are all responsible for keeping our air clean to maintain healthy communities, healthy ecosystems and a sustainable economy for the future.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

The average Canadian spends a lot of time inside at home, work or school. The air quality inside of these buildings is not always as good as outside. It may contain pollutants from cooking, paints, chemical cleaning agents, air fresheners, perfumes or just poor ventilation. We can help improve indoor air by simple measures like having more plants. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit clean oxygen. Some plants also purify the air.

Help Improve Outdoor Air Quality

The Edmonton Capital Region is currently not meeting federal standards for fine particles in the air. Since 2010, two monitoring stations in the region have consistently reported levels above the national standard. Exposure to these levels can have immediate and long-term health effects.

We can all take actions to improve air quality in Edmonton:

  • Limit the burning of wood in backyard fires, fireplaces and wood stoves
  • If you do have a fire, be sure to burn dry, untreated wood
  • Stoves should meet the Canadian Standards Association emissions standards
  • Drive less, transportation causes about 32% of the emissions in Edmonton
  • Plan your vehicle trips wisely, rideshare and walk, cycle or use transit whenever possible
  • Be idle free: turn off your vehicle when you are not driving

For more details on these and other tips, check out the Air section of the Change Habits For Climate Guide.