A total of 6,425 City employees participated in the September 2023 employee check-in survey, which represents almost half the corporation (49%).

In the September survey, employees were asked about wellbeing, supervisor conversations, growth, and empowerment in the workplace.  The overall employee engagement score (eSat) is 67 (same score as the March 2023 check-in survey).

Check-in Survey Results by Department and Branch


Corporate strengths:

  • Empowered employees +2 points
  • Continued satisfaction with supervisor check-ins

These branches increased in a majority of their scores:

  • Community Standards and Neighbourhoods
  • Corporate Procurement and Supply Services
  • Parks and Roads Services
  • Infrastructure Planning and Design

Highest participation rate (95%)
Workforce Safety and Employee Heath

Most improved participation rate (+5 points)
Social Development

Highest supervisor conversations, clear expectations score (86 points)
Workforce Safety and Employee Health

Most improved empowered employees score (+16 points)
Community Standards and Neighbourhoods

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