Ed Tel Endowment Fund Bylaw 11713

Edmonton Alberta Avenue Business Improvement Area Bylaw 11084

Edmonton Beverly Business Improvement Area Bylaw 11083

Edmonton Chinatown and Area Business Improvement Area Bylaw 12370
Appendix B

Edmonton City Plan Bylaw 20000 (38MB)

Edmonton Combative Sports Commission Bylaw 15638
Also see Combative Sports Bylaw.

Edmonton Council Committee Code of Conduct Bylaw 19870 (comes into force January 1, 2022)

Edmonton Design Committee Bylaw 19784
Also see Edmonton Design Committee.

Edmonton Downtown Business Improvement Area Bylaw 7968

Edmonton Fort Road And Area Business Improvement Area Bylaw 9747

Edmonton Historical Board Bylaw 13601
Also see Edmonton Historical Board.

Edmonton Inglewood/ The Crossroads Business Improvement Area Bylaw 10919

Edmonton Kingsway Business Improvement Area Bylaw 8621

Edmonton Old Strathcona Business Improvement Area Bylaw 10454

Edmonton Police Commission Bylaw 14040
Also see Edmonton Police Commission.

Edmonton Public Library Board Bylaw 12540 ​

Edmonton Salutes Bylaw 19018 
Also see Edmonton Salutes.

Edmonton Transit Service Advisory Board Bylaw 16929
Also see Edmonton Transit Service Advisory Board.

Election Bylaw 19457.

(Tax and Assessment) Electronic Communication and Web Portal Charter Bylaw 18548

Electronic Dance Music Event Bylaw 19166

Emergency Management Bylaw 19091

Energy Transition Advisory Committee Bylaw 17431

Enforcement Bylaw 16368

(Emergency Response) Fire Rescue Services Bylaw 15309

EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc. Franchise Agreement Bylaw 13655

EPCOR - Distribution Tariff Bylaw 12367 as amended

EPCOR - Distribution Tariff Transition Bylaw 13488

EPCOR Drainage Services and Wastewater Treatment Bylaw 19627

EPCOR - Regulated Rate Option Bylaw 12368

EPCOR Water Services Bylaw 19626

EPCOR - 2000 Deferral Rider Bylaw 12372

EPCOR - 2001 Regulated Rate Option Collection Shortfall Charge Bylaw 12962

Establish Edmonton Power Corporation Bylaw 11071