Boulevard in Edmonton

A boulevard is the portion of City property between the curb or road’s edge and the adjacent front property line. Boulevards may also border sidewalks, multi-use trails and alleys. Residents are responsible to care for the boulevard, alley and driveway crossing adjacent to their property line.

Maintaining the Boulevard

  • Cut grass to a reasonable length on your portion of the boulevard
  • Remove fallen leaves and debris from the boulevard beside your property
  • Prune trees and shrubs around your yard so they do not hang over the sidewalk or block pedestrians
  • If you have a boulevard garden, maintain your garden regularly, obey all setbacks and sightline requirements, and do not encroach onto other public or private areas

Responsible Practices

  • Do not attach signs or devices to City trees
  • Obtain City approval before building structures or planting trees on any portion of a boulevard
  • Obtain City approval before gardening on the residential boulevard
  • Call 311 to remove, prune, or repair any City tree on the boulevard

Report a Concern

You can call 311 or use their online app to report a bylaw concern