The Weekly Building Permit Report provides frequent and up-to-date information based on building permits issued by the City of Edmonton. Permit details include:

  • Number of permits issued
  • Construction activity locations
  • Description of activity
  • Site size
  • Construction values

2024 Weekly Reports

View the 2024 Weekly Building Permits Google spreadsheet.

Get Detailed Information

Please visit the General Building Permits on Open Data for more detailed information.

Historic Weekly Building Permit Reports

2019-2023 Weekly Building Permit Reports

2023 Building Permits Report

View the 2023 Weekly Building Permits Google spreadsheet.

2022 Building Permits Report

View the 2022 Weekly Building Permits Google spreadsheet.

2021 Building Permits Report

View the 2021 Weekly Building Permits Google spreadsheet.

2020 Building Permits Report

View the 2020 Weekly Building Permits Google spreadsheet.

2019 Building Permits Report

View the 2019 Weekly Building Permits Google spreadsheet.

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