Involving Edmontonians in the proposed Downtown Arena and Entertainment District is a priority.

Community Benefits Agreement

Under the negotiated framework, the Katz Group and the City of Edmonton will enter into a community benefits agreement, which will include:

  • Creating a community advisory committee, representing areas near the arena district, to identify and address issues.
  • A senior member of the Oiler's operations will meet with the committee at least once a year.
  • Development and facilitation of training for low-income/high need Edmontonians.


  • The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation Endowment fund contributed $1 Million for skating programs for inner city residents at the Downtown Community Arena. These programs are well attended.
  • The Community Advisory Group continues to regularly meet with the City and the Oilers Entertainment Group to address community concerns.
  • The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation contributed $1.5 Million towards the new Norquest Hospitality Institute.

Public Consultations

The City has held two extensive public consultations processes on the proposed arena and entertainment district.

Spring 2012, to gather feedback on the schematic designs.

The survey found:

  • 82% agreed the Arena would be an identifiable image and landmark for Edmonton.
  • 79% saw the Community Rink as a valued recreation opportunity to the downtown and surrounding areas.
  • 74% agreed the arena would provide an anchor for revitalizing the surrounding area.

Read the full results of the Spring 2012 consultation.

Winter 2010, to consult Edmontonians on the arena project.

The survey found:

  • 67% of Edmontonians supported or strongly supported a downtown arena
  • 68% said they believed it would help revitalize downtown
  • 82% citing specific benefits such as increased tourism, more investment and development

Read the full results of the Winter 2010 consultation.

Input gathered assists City Council in making decisions surrounding the proposed Downtown Arena and Entertainment District.